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Westbound represents everything we love about working in and for Los Angeles: the old becoming new again through a sophisticated modern lens.

Rooted in LA’s earliest transportation history, Westbound’s concept speaks to a time when the well-healed were on the move and California represented everything that was fresh, worthy and exhilarating. With luxury train car as muse, we designed each of Westbound’s brand touchpoints to convey the sexy romanticism of travel during the Belle Epoque era. Opulent gold foil on distinguished navy, eclectic pairings of typefaces, marbleized textures, monogram and wordmark all reference art deco design – the W manipulated into the grill of a train engine.

The crowning jewel of the brand is their menu, imagined as a beautiful book complete with a vintage hand-drawn map of the historic area, a glossary of their exotic small plates, their impressive cocktails list (each with provenance and illustration), and badges inspired by train and travel iconography.

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