SLO Public Market

  • Location
    San Luis Obispo
  • Type
  • Status
  • Size
    7 Buildings
  • Site
    Flat 0-5% Slop
  • Budget
    $12 Million



A Well-Loved Community Essential, Reimagined.

An expertly located communal space for errand runners, local workers, and the easy-paced residents of San Luis Obispo, the SLO Public Market served up more than a consumer-level purpose. A place for some solace in the work day, a gathering place for families to convene, SLO Public Market is also a place where local Central Coast artisans and farmers can feature their fare. While M+ was brought in to take charge on this architectural rebrand, we immediately saw the potential in the existing concept.

Without forgoing their already established vibe, we took the small-town-country metropolis and gave it a clean, modest makeover. Taking it down to a granular scale, we took cues from the modernity that the original design meant to convey, and produced a more architecturally vernacular design. Simplifying details around windows and rooflines to create more light-filled spaces as well as employing natural, utilitarian materials, we offered a pared down experience. On that interval, we designed a clean logo and executed a fresh and savoir-faire brand and website, giving coherence to the overall presence of the market.

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