Lewis Miller Design

  • Location
    New York
  • Sector
    Floral Design



A man oozing with style and respected in the event planning community, Lewis Miller left an imprint on us. He came to us with a stale website, but sent us beautiful clippings from his own personal moodboards. Bold, modern, gothic, botanical, geometric and colorful, dark and dramatic, nothing at all like his current online display.

We embarked on a total rebrand, providing an unique web design that captures his design’s elegance. We launched a bouquet of collateral for the brand, including postcards, business cards, event invitations in poster-sized spectrums, even sourcing the right shopping bags to tote his his new logo. In a deep navy with rich green undertones and gold-leaf embossed lettering, the collateral compliments the flora of the website with a defiantly elegant masculinity.

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