Hedley & Bennett

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These Hustlers Wear Aprons.

When we heard the #apronsquad needed assistance with a new website, we knew we were the team to sock it ‘em. Daring, bright, and spunky would be their brand, personality, and their headquarters here in Los Angeles in a nutshell.

Since Hedley & Bennet’s aprons are colorful on their own, we wanted to highlight the product, not overshadow it. A white background with a bold and clean, sans-serif headline to compliment their trademark ampersand, and a classically serifed typeface for the fine print, their blog and website feel crisp and exciting, while being easy to navigate. Pops of their trademark primary hues splash the pages in linear text boxes, which borrows from the product’s palette, but doesn’t steal it’s glory on the page. Joyful and high energy, this website refresh was just what Hedley & Bennet needed to continue being themselves.

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