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An Entrepreneur of All-Things-Sparkly

Danielle Miele humbly came to us to redesign her seasoned site and offer a brand refresh for her cosmically versatile jewelry blog. With thousands of posts behind her, we wanted to honor her experience with an immaculate new logo reflective of her expertise.

We utilized a clean serif with an almost faceted appeal, gleaming with recognition. We created a line illustration submark of a marquise-cut diamond shape– a unique and rare cut that alludes to her extraordinary finds. Since her site flaunts a full spectrum of colors and opalescent hues, we employed a refined palette of black, white, and a blush gradient to highlight but never overpower the precious quality of her content.

Have jewels, Danielle will travel. We designed a jewelry map to trace her steps around the US and showcase what each state has to offer through her eyes, which opens up opportunity for collaborations, partnerships, advertising, and exploration for her followers across the country. And just like that, Gem Gossip is off to a brilliant new start.

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