The Farah Effect

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    Los Angeles
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    Health & Nutrition



A clean mind, body, soul, and brand.

Farah came to us to help her, help others. An M.S., M.A., and R.D. and with an earnest drive to forge a life of happiness, Farah’s blossoming nutrition-geared business needed a brand. We took it seriously, and embarked on naming, logo, website, and a trajectory for more.

A soft palette of blushy neutrals on the website sets the tone for a future product line in skin care. This muted, feminine palette allows the curated images of her unique recipes the attention they deserve. An elegant and clean, san-serif type is easy to navigate, and welcoming to those who are timidly beginning the journey towards proper nutrition.

The Farah Effect is guide towards a happier, healthier version of whomever visits. If beauty begins with wholesome nutrition, shouldn’t the manual be beautiful to read? We think so, and we hope you love it it too. It’s The Farah Effect.

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