Citizen Sprout

  • Location
    Santa Monica
  • Size
    000 SF
  • Status
  • Budget

Jennifer Jewett created First Spoonful with a brilliant business plan and more than a knack for home cooking. With wild success comes growth, and quickly! First Spoonful outgrew its baby-centered realm— now, it’s a company that boasts prepared home-cooked meals, treats, and snacks, and caters preschool to elementary school lunches. We helped her launch into a new market with the naming of Citizen Sprout, from branding and visual identity to interiors, signage and website, packaging, merch and beyond.

The new concept, centered around family, is bright and lively with royals and periwinkles against pastel neutrals. We landed on a playful script for the logo, and a suite of original illustrations we designed into a large-scale custom mural. We rolled out the brand with packaging, print, and digital collateral– from buttons, menus, and totes to photography and e-commerce website– and created vinyl graphics and illuminated signage for curb appeal. Every design choice from the mod-style pendant lighting in mint to promotional signage and custom millwork retail shelving were designed for a curated branded experience.

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