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A Southern Stylista with Big City Roots.

Emily Hertz, a sweet soul with a kickass work ethic, found us shortly before her first baby Elle’s first birthday. Herself being born into a Manhattan state of mind right on 5th avenue, this Southern belle has big city spirit. And, with an eclectic background in the industry of fashion and a beyond keen sense of it herself, she was ready for a brand, a blog, and to get busy crushing it, all in time to launch in honor of her baby girl’s first trip around the sun.

Her name was organically exclaimed in a studio conversation, discussing her own birthday, on a 5th, her birthplace on Fifth Avenue in NYC, and her daughter’s birthday, on a 5th as well. Lucky number 5 really resonates with her, and we thought there was no reason her new blog Born on Fifth shouldn’t encapsulate everything that is meaningful to her. We utilized soft, feminine blushes and a decisive gold to contrast a clean, white site. For her logo, we kept a san serif crisp and bold, with varying letter widths to add dimension and suggest the boldness behind this absolute lady. Emily was purely a dream to work with, and it was a joy to deliver the dream site to match.

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