• Location
    Los Angeles
  • Type
  • Status
    Completed 2015
  • Size
    1,930 SF
  • Site
    Flat 0-5%
  • Budget
  • Press



It’s not happy hour, it’s not share plates, it’s not family style… it’s Baldoria. For this nuanced dining experience, we conceived a design concept to match.

The colors create a signature unique to Baldoria. The specific shade of mint juxtaposed with a rich, inky green is the trademark combo that plays well against the remaining palette of sharp black and whites and metallic accents. This spectrum couples well with the playful logo we created, which harkens back to Italian futurism… Vintage modernism is our favorite oxymoron.

We brought something new to the table (literally) with our print collateral. We created custom wood menus props with a touch of brass to match the interior queues. We mirrored the metallic qualities in the business cards, which feel like an invitation to a private event. The tiling inside is an unforgettable maze of bold black and white patterns, a device that offers a kinetic, party feel with an established and sophisticated, modern air.

You can take our word for it, or you can visit yourself! At Baldoria, we created a party. You’re invited.

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