Villa Carlotta

  • Location
    Los Angeles
  • Type
    Multi-Family Residential
  • Historic Renovation
  • Los Angles Historic Cultural Monument List #315
  • Status
  • Size
    46,500 SF
  • Site



Villa Carlotta is not your typical Project M Plus architectural endeavor. A 1926 construction of the Hollywood Golden age, it was built at the same time that the Hollywoodland real estate development gave us the iconic sign that demark’s all of Los Angeles. Villa Carlotta housed a plethora of Hollywood notables, including Jim Morrison in the 60’s. With its rich bohemian history embedded in its walls and dripping with hand-carved details, and we couldn’t bear to watch it crumble.

Firm believers in modern form, we took a leap of faith embarking on this historic restoration. We had the hand-painted beams and plaster painstakingly restored in its original medium, by hand.  We re-plumbed and re-wired the building to its archetypal glory in modern, sustainable, lasting materials. We designed its brand new roofdeck, a modern concept, in a historic, analogous fashion. Now fully-furnished residences, Villa Carlotta is a picture of preserved Hollywood grandeur, and we are honored to have played a crucial role.              

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