• Location
    Silver Lake
  • Type
    Multi-family Residential
  • Status
    Under Construction
  • Size
    14 units 27,228sf
  • Site
    Hillside 40% slope



A steep urban hillside in Silver Lake with arresting views beckoned a problem-solving design to seize the locale’s natural offerings. Adjacent to the abandoned Red Car line now used predominantly as a neighborhood walking path, the area’s history arouses a sense of nostalgia. We designed a multi-family home development offering single family units and accessory buildings on the same site to subsidize this sentiment around modern architecture.

We employed a three-story home nestled into narrow, substandard lots on all six properties—12 units total— to capture the power panoramas and natural air. This novel design corrals natural light, and uses a green design, implementing wind catchers in the roof above the stairwell which promotes hot and cold airflow throughout, drastically reducing the need for AC. Small yards and open hillsides promote a comfortable and accessible solution to challenging hillside living.

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