Jayde’s Market

  • Location
    Beverly Glen
  • Type
  • Status
  • Site
    Urban Infill

The Glen is a rare neighborhood gem. With an extremely favorable locale adjacent to a well-known Beverly Hills neighborhood, it’s an opportunistic space for local gathering, convenience, and necessity, yet the circle beckoned for a total refresh. Jayde’s at the Glen is a family-owned and family-driven marketplace that breathes new life into the surrounding interwoven community.

Transforming the existing architectural context of a strip mall and layering in elements of greenery and organic details along with sophisticated materials offers a pared down elegance. A greenhouse annex gives the space an innovative and novel, destination appeal, while contributing natural light to the space and offering a connection to the outdoors. An in-store lofted wine shop is a landing place for novice shoppers and connoisseurs alike, creating an all-inclusive convenience and a unique market experience.

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