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Michael Antonia is a whirlwind of energetic creativity with a masterful ability to work a room.

His playful personality makes him a joy to work with but also drives much of the creative vision behind his two ventures, Yeah! Rentals and Yeah! Furniture.

After years of producing parties and events around the world, Michael noticed that event rentals were downright hideous, so he began creating his own with a uniquely Californian vibe. A decade later, these designs became his first furniture collection for retail sale and he needed branding.

That’s where we come in…

YEAH! Furniture X Project M Plus

In January of 2015, Michael approached to us to help him launch his newest venture with a fresh identity, some print collateral and a new website. Mixing modern, bold typography with vintage-inspired graphics and textures, we sought to convey the collision of retro cool and modern edge.

Drawing on the iconic beauty of southern California’s desert and the dynamic energy of its creator, we developed a brand experience that embodies the timeless quality of the collection’s design and speaks loudly to YEAH!’s very cool clientele.


Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 12.02.09 PM


But we didn’t stop there, we also partnered with Michael for his series of Yeah! Popups held in downtown LA that brought together some of the city’s most intriguing artists, artisans and culturally curious folks.






Not only was the event a showcase for the YEAH! Furniture product line, but we also used this opportunity to share the creative vision for our latest restaurant project, Salazar –a new Baja-style beer garden coming soon to Frogtown.

Find the rest of the project case study here: YEAH! Furniture


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