Pick a Card, Not Just Any Card

Christian Bale may have been onto something with his lethal envy over someone else’s designer watermark. Though our business card designs have been popular, we encourage you not to shed any blood over it.

It’s 2016. We understand that business cards may not be the most exciting aspect of building your brand, or even the first thing in mind, but they should be. It’s this kind of print collateral that will always be a relevant marketing tool for several reasons.

It’s tangible. People love a curated little piece of your brand to have and to hold, not quite ‘til death do them part, but to share with others! With all the digital information-swapping today, introductions get impersonal, and our address books on our tablets/laptops/smartphones morph into a forgettable clusterfudge. On second thought, a clusterfudge sounds delicious. Try not to dwell on that.

A business card is the first impression of your brand. It may seem tempting to keep a pad of post-its in your pocket and scribble your info to whomever’s interested, but a memorable business card doesn’t need an introduction. You’re armed for a professional encounter, anywhere, anytime!

We put all of our energy into the invention and reinvention of our clients’ brands and the collateral never falls short of this commitment. Check out some of the cards we’ve designed recently:


ProjectMPlus_LL_6 ProjectMPlus_LL_1 Wesbound_BC_2 Wesbound_BC_1ProjectMPlus_Baldoria_4 ProjectMPlus_Baldoria_3ProjectMPlus_EmilyHenderson_8 ProjectMPlus_EmilyHenderson_7



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