Umami Burger

Bringing the mystery of umami – the fifth taste – to life through design.

Everyone knows Umami Burger for their tasty burgers and tongue-in-cheek attitude. When they came to us for a new concept to unify the Umami brand, we suggested bringing the mystery of Umami to life. Originally a Japanese concept, the word umami means “deliciousness;” it’s used to describe a unique taste spectrum of sweet, sour, savory, and bitter.

We started with graphic identity for the brand. Their signature “get your lips around our buns” logo was overpowered by a word mark with a dated, strong black outline. The two didn’t pair well and didn’t offer a consistent lock-up. The updated word mark is set in Lulo from Yellow Design Studio and stacks well under what has become the signature mark of the Umami brand.

For the menu design we added several graphic layers; a half tone texture, secondary stamp graphics, and a Japanese sashiko embroidery pattern. Our architecture team used this same pattern to create a stencil pattern on the floors of their two newest locations in Los Angeles and Chicago.

To retain Umami’s signature youthful edge, we added bright neon signs and updated the graffiti art with a new style of street art— décollage. This technique involves layering posters over one another, then tearing away layers to reveal the various posters underneath. The poster art was custom designed in-house to message the flavor profiles of Umami; artful, scaleable and just like Umami – totally one of a kind.

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