Tri Valley

The Sunny Side of the Bay


Located in northern California, the Tri-Valley region is a booming wine country and a thriving artisanal movement with unique diversions for every occasion. The little known neighbor of the bustling Bay Area, a group of savvy marketing professionals recognized the potential in thoughtfully advertising all that the region has to offer for couples seeking the perfect wedding destination.

Looking to create a memorable brand and flexible system, we worked with the Tri-Valley team to develop a series of three guidebooks crafted for families, a girls’ getaway, and guy time.


After personally visiting nearly every business in their roster, we designed each wedding guest itinerary and created fun copy that speaks uniquely to each demographic. Inspired by the area’s colorful characters and friendly establishments, we developed a fun and whimsical brand identity by hand painting Tri-Valley’s cover illustrations, the maps and the custom icons used throughout.


May 2014


Branding | Design | Copywriting | Illustration

Photography Credit:

Project M Plus

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