Something Navy

A New York Style Blogger with a Timeless Website to Match

Certain looks from last season are copacetic. A pair of timeless Prada shoes, a gorgeous Celine bag, or vintage denim that never really goes out of style. But yesteryear’s website? Outdated, incompatible, and overdone: unacceptable.

That’s where we came in. We rejuvenated Arielle’s website, providing an all original design and a crisp, delicately serifed font that displays thoughtfully, yet boldly.

We made sure that her new site centers around her beautiful, professional photography. We streamlined her site into an easily-shoppable forum by bringing her sartorial picks to the forefront, dramatically improving her relationship with her affiliates. We got to know Arielle, and translated her voice into copy that would tell her story. Something sweet, something passionate, something sassy, Something Navy.


September 2016

Services Rendered:

Branding | Web Design | Development

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