Simone LeBlanc

Inspired Gifts. Expertly Given.

Simone Leblanc is synonymous with flawless taste. Her boutique gifting studio specializes in bespoke gifts tailored for discerning philanthropists, celebrities and industry leaders.

We helped Simone craft a brand identity that conveys the ingenuity, mindfulness and artful touch that her memorable gifts embody. With a combination of clean type, graphic submarks and vintage

engravings, we designed a flexible system that allows her to brand as much (or as little) throughout her bespoke gifting programs, as well as her line of custom gift boxes.

We continue to work closely with her to develop unique family heirlooms that have all the emotional resonance of an antique keepsake with a decidedly modern sensibility.


May 2012


Branding | Design | Engravings | Packaging

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Project M Plus

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