One Hundred Hooper

A Meeting of Minds and Makers

Strategically situated in San Francisco’s rising SoMa district, One Hundred Hooper will house some of the city’s most progressive thinkers and skilled makers in its PDR workshops, offices and storefronts.

As their creative agency of note, real estate developer Kilroy Realty Company asked us to brand the project for all of the development’s marketing assets. Embodying the DIY culture of its surrounding neighborhoods, we delivered a brand identity that communicates the emerging culture of collaboration that the property will cultivate and inspire.


September 2015

Services Rendered:

Branding | Design | Presentation | Copywriting

Photography Credit:

Jake Gonen

Project-M-Plus_One-Hundred-Hooper-1 Project-M-Plus_One-Hundred-Hooper-2 Project-M-Plus_One-Hundred-Hooper-14 Hooper Project-M-Plus_One-Hundred-Hooper-4 Project-M-Plus_One-Hundred-Hooper-5 Project-M-Plus_One-Hundred-Hooper-8 Project-M-Plus_One-Hundred-Hooper-14 Project-M-Plus_One-Hundred-Hooper-6 Project-M-Plus_One-Hundred-Hooper-7 Project-M-Plus_One-Hundred-Hooper-13