Lucy Wild

Effortless Fashion

Lucy Wild dreamed of a dress that could be whatever she wanted it to be: a blank canvas to accessorize endlessly, or a uniform that looks amazing every day, no effort required. To launch her eponymous clothing line, she came to Project M Plus to create a brand identity that reflected the restrained minimalism of her structural, modern dresses. On a palette of black, white and

neutral tones, we paired a modern sans serif font with architecturally inspired design elements to create her brand identity system, clothing labels and a fully responsive, e-commerse website. We created custom marbling artwork in our studio with dye and oil for the bespoke tissue paper design that adds movement and a feminine softness to her packaging.


October 2014

Services Rendered:

Branding | Copywriting | Packaging | Art Direction | Website

Photography Credit:

Jack Waterlot

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