Lucent Lightshop

Carefully Hand-Crafted Lighting for the Home.

Lucent Lightshop founder Sarah Wolfe’s inspired work speaks volumes about her craftsmanship, attention to detail, and sharp design aesthetic. When she came to Project M Plus she was in need of a brand identity overhaul and sophisticated collateral to elevate Lucent’s visibility in more premium markets.

Using her bespoke collection of lighting fixtures as muse, we work closely with Sarah to develop branding that embodies her mid-century appeal for modern style and function. Choosing san serif typography and a palate of black, white and gold foil, we took a classic vibe and infused some youthful fun with a filament-inspired mark. Translated to their web presence, business cards and new catalog, Lucent’s unique charm is finally basking in the spotlight where it belongs.


May 2016

Services Rendered:

Branding | Copywriting | Collateral | Art Direction | Catalog | Website

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