Lesly Kahn

Think between the lines

After spending the better part of two decades building her acting school, Los Angeles-based acting coach Lesly Kahn came to Project M Plus in need of a brand refresh and new website. She wanted to push her philosophy to the forefront and modernize her digital presence, using both to educate and convert future students with an easy-to-use point of entry.

We refined Lesly Kahn & Co’s brand voice using humor and intelligent word play. Bold headlines call out Lesly’s unique ability to speak the truths that few dare to say. Selecting communication driven elements like letterforms and a speech bubble, we developed a brand identity around the school’s focus on critical thought, communication, and the power of intention.


February 2016

Services Rendered:

Branding | Copywriting | Photography & Art Direction | Website | Ecommerce | Collateral

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