Ergobaby & Orbit Baby Catalogs

2015 Collection

Ergobaby set the worldwide standard for babywearing through their line of soft-structure baby carriers. Soon after acquiring Orbit, a revolutionary stroller company, Ergobaby approached us to help position their first forward-facing carrier (read more here) and to begin refining their branding and messaging. After a year of creative collaboration, they asked us to help align the two brands for their 2015 catalogs.

We worked closely with both to develop a co-branded format. We art directed photo shoots and wrote all the copy. We softened Ergobaby’s vibe to be more warm and natural. We elevated Orbit’s visual appeal with bright pops of color and hero images. Also included is the Northern Exposure campaign we conceived and art directed for Ergobaby that features some sweet, authentic families from Vancouver.


August 2015

Services Rendered:

Design | Art Direction | Copywriting

Orbit_Ergo Ergobaby_Catalog_Cover_Multi_crop Erbobaby_Catalog_Inner_ALL Ergobaby_Catalog_Interior_w_2 Ergobaby_Catalog_Interior_w_1 Ergobaby_Catalog_Interior_w_3 Ergobaby_Catalog_Interior_w_4 Ergobaby_Catalog_Interior_w_5 Orbitbaby_Catalog_Cover_Multi_crop Orbitbaby_Catalog_Inner_ALL Orbitbaby_Catalog_Interior_w_1 Orbitbaby_Catalog_Interior_w_2 Orbitbaby_Catalog_Interior_w_3 Orbitbaby_Catalog_Interior_w_4