Authentic Storytelling for Life’s Most Joyous Moments

A commander of sincerity, Marc’s art needed a masterful website to take off. With a minimalistic philosophy on life and name that he playfully came up with his kids, we were able to showcase his humility as well as his brilliance.

The logo and type are both depicted using crisp lines with a cheerful use of white space, the logo playing off the shape of cat ears, successfully youthful but not juvenile.

We refrained from an on-the-nose vibrancy in the blue we chose, and utilized a softened, dusty shade that is clean and cool. A sleek and contained 1-page site houses a rotating 4-reel collection of his most recent, favorite pieces, highlighting the importance of simplicity and the genuine nature of subtlety. Bluecat now adheres to a sincere brand to match the man behind it, and continues to capture moments of beautiful truth.


April 2016

Services Rendered:

Branding | Copywriting | Website | Collateral

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