An Eclectic Taste of the Caribbean

For Brandon and Aleco, the owners of Atlantico rum, what matters most to them about their brand is the product. After countless trips to the Dominican Republic working with their distiller and blender, they developed just the right medley of flavors to encompass the layered, authentic, intriguing semblance that their recipe delivers. We were crucial players in their next ambition; revolutionizing the way people perceive rum.

To elevate Atlantico, it made sense to capitalize on their love of the Caribbean. It’s not just a tourist cruise destination, it’s a cultural capital. The people. The food. The lifestyle. We took cues from this

vibrant energy in nuanced inspiration from Aleco and Brandon’s travels, like the beautiful ceramic tiles found throughout the islands, the sun at golden hour, the salt on your skin to the salt on your rim. With those tiles in mind, our mature and established typeface has a faceted element. We conceived our clean label design from the linear and layered look of a passport, evoking the sense of transport. We used elements of tradition and heritage blended with a young, adventurous spirit to deliver the website, branding, and packaging all in one sensuous, refined package.


May 2017

Services Rendered:

Packaging | Branding | Copywriting | Website

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