Long Live Bowie

Best of Bowie fro the Designers at Project M Plus 2

Best of Bowie fro the Designers at Project M Plus 1


We’ve been playing Bowie on repeat though the studio speakers since we got the news that one of our most beloved artists is gone.

Bowie gave us all a place to belong by being the brave, outspoken outlier. He told us to step outside of our comfort zone (if we dare) to create a better world. He made it ok to challenge outdated stereotypes and social norms. From music, film and theatre to advocacy and philanthropy, his fingerprint is all over contemporary culture as we know it.

As designers and creators, his fearless boundary-pushing and commitment to an uncompromising vision has always been an inspiration. We credit him in so many ways for paving the way for creativity, open-mindedness and outrageous originality in pop culture. To say we’ll miss his presence and continued innovation is an understatement.

With heavy hearts, we bid him farewell, grateful that this starman-turned-supernova leaves us his music, art and influence for light years to come.

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