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If you google feng shui, you’ll find images that are shockingly harsh. For a practice so thoughtful and sensitive, the visual language of feng shui is in bad need of a rebrand. And these are the non-offensive ones.


One of the first things we redesigned for Liz was the bagua map (BAH-gwa). It’s the very basic tool used in feng shui to learn which parts of a space – such as a home, office building, room or yard – correlate with particular areas of life. Based on the bagua designs we researched, there was nothing basic about it. So we cleaned up the chart design, making it more functional and easier to read. This design set the tone for the entire project. In the end our client wrote us a lovely, hand written note. Nothing like a little positive, feng shui karma.

“Truly grateful to you and your team for all the energy you put into Front Door Feng Shui. I thank you for being an incredibly helpful person in my business. From our first conversation you differentiated Project M Plus from any company I had spoken with. Your level of professionalism, the care and detail you took to understand the FDFS brand was unrivaled and meant so much. And I appreciate you not just telling me yes – but rather guiding me as to what the site should be. You were right! On everything!”

Liz Camacho
Owner, Front Door Feng Shui







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