Hillside Homestead


Type Residential
Status Permitting
Size House 1: 3100 SF | House 2: 2400 SF
Site Hillside 40% slope
Budget Undefined

Los Angeles, CA  

An ambitious two-residence development on a hillside property in Los Angeles, this project sits on 18 feet of dramatically vertical rock, posing a challenge in constructability and access. We created a solution using a shared driveway across the two sites. The homes are two distinct, modern forms— horizontal and light, dark and vertical. Positioned to maximize natural light, prevailing winds, and commanding views while preserving privacy, the site offers a unique blend of urban bustle in a tranquil setting.

Hillside_home_1_1 Hillside_home_2_1 Hillside_home_Rendering_3 Hillside_home_Rendering_1